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A Better and Healthier Diet for Your Recovery


Suppose you have gone through a harmful experience on your health, like a stroke. In that case, you will need the utmost care and recovery support because it is an occurrence that can have permanent effects on a person’s body, such as impaired speech, weak or paralyzed limbs, a slower ability to communicate with others, and many more.

Lifestyle changes after a stroke can be overwhelming. At our home care in Rutherford County, Tennessee, we offer stroke recovery care, a program you can engage in right at home that focuses on activities to help you regain or improve your cognitive, emotional, and physical well-being. Aside from our top-notch program, a better and healthier diet is necessary to prevent the possibility of another stroke. Here are tips for a better and more nutritious diet:

  • Minimize consumption of processed foods
    Paying attention to saturated fats and trans fats is crucial, as they are linked to the risks of high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease.
  • Lessen salt intake
    Too much sodium in the body can cause fluid retention, which also increases blood pressure, leading to a stroke.
  • Eat more foods that are high in fiber
    Fiber is a significant factor in a heart-healthy diet, reducing cholesterol and the risk of heart problems.
  • Seek advice and guidance from a dietitian
    A proper diet takes careful planning, and a dietitian will help you determine your dietary needs.

We offer our home care services in Williamson County, Tennessee, with the goal that we can improve the lives of many through our compassionate and personalized care. Our programs are dedicated to giving those in need the highest quality of life!

Family Care Solutions, LLC is the one you can trust. Contact our home care agency in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, today at 615-653-0066 or Nikki@FCSpersonalsupport.org.


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